Since 2007, GFO has collaborated with various corporate donors to establish two learning centers in Vietnam, each of which is a mini campus consisting of a library, a computer lab, and classrooms to conduct academic and life-skill seminars. The centers aim to provide underprivileged children in the vicinity with easy access to academic and entertainment literature, as well as activities to promote their academic and personal development. In a longer term, we aim to include vocational training in our programs.

The first learning center was opened in 2007 at Long Hoa orphanage, district 7, Ho Chi Minh city. The second learning center was opened in 2009 at Dieu Vien orphanage, Hue city. Each of the centers is open to some 50 to 150 visitors a day.

We would like to thank the below corporate sponsors for your unparalleled support for the project over the years.

  • CLSA Chairman Trust
  • Singapore Exchange (SGX)
  • Development Bank of Singapore (DBS)
  • COMO Foundation
  • LC Development

To enquire on how to participate, please contact us.